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Heather Sudman

Hello I am Heather Sudman, I am a photographer based in Northeast Indiana.  I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University in May 2014. I was the Secretary of Photo Club and had volunteered as a Lab Monitor in the darkroom at my time at BGSU . To add to my experiences, I served as a Teaching Assistant for Lynn Whitney's BGSU Intro to Photography classes in the Spring of 2014. Participating in BGSU School of Art's Arts Exstravaganza, where our Photo Club worked in collaboration with Professor Lou Krueger's diorama to service the public with photos of them in a wonderland of carvinal fun and flying.  I have taken part in community service learning programs with Woodlane in Bowling Green, Ohio by taking photos to raise awareness of the great opportunities and services that they provide for special needs individuals and their families. This exhibition was held at the Wood County Library.

    Most recently, I have rediscovered my love for painting. With a gravitation pull to landscapes with moons. All of my landscape scenes are from meditation. The last couple of years I've been really trying to express and find my style.


     My skills involve working with the 35mm, medium and large format cameras. I have experience working in the darkroom with both Black & White and Color photography. I have printed traditional B&W prints, C-prints, and also scanning in Negatives, as well as taking photos digitally. I have worked with large format printers such as Espon 9900 and Espon 4800. I am currently printing 17x22 photos. My MAIN focus with photography is capturing pictures of people with a fine art aesthetic. Painting is also a focus for me.


     Other creative interests include: Ceramics, Painting, Drawing and Art History... specifically Egyptian Art and the History of Photography. My artistic research involves myself traveling to the Toledo Musuem of Art to study original prints of well known photographers such as: August Sander, Winstion O' Link, Gustave Le Gray, and many more. I have interests in symbolisim, the value we put on objects, natural facial expressions, the evolution of music genres, antiques, and conspiracy theories, etc.


    Early as a child I had an interest in becoming an Archaeologist. Within time I found myself attached to the "camera." I like to think of my photographs as personal artifacts of people that I meet, moments that I happen to still in time, and the hidden backroad wonders of the world;  bringing these subjects to light to form a collection of photos for people to enjoy and reflect upon.

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