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Photography Collaborations

Collaboration between Professor & Artist; Lou Krueger and BGSU's Photo Club 2013-14.

The magical and diminsional diorama from Lou Krueger, was presented at BGSU School of Art's, Arts Extravaganza in December 2013. Students of Photo Club took portraits of visitors as they walk into the diorama and pretend to fly. The final print made the magical dream of flying come to life!


I serviced in taking the pictures of the visitors. Credit goes to Lou Krueger for the diorama and the frame. The piece is called "Step Right Up!" and was  originally a collaboration between Lou, his wife & his son for the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Woodlane & Lynn Whitney's Advanced Photography Class

Woodlane & Lynn Whitney's Advanced Photography Class Collaboration  - Bowling Green, OH

As apart of a Service Learning Program for Advanced Photography Class, Woodlane and BGSU School of Art worked on a collaboration to exhibit the services provided to their students & employees and their families. BGSU Photography students visit Woodland Industries and developed experience and a strong connection with the Bowling Green community. As a result, we had a show at the Wood County Library and published a book called, "Reflections on Individuals." Photos on this sildeshow belong to me.

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